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Some Example Applications of Modeling Using MPR

The Lydia-Pinkham Data

As a result of a lawsuit in the early 20th century, 54 years worth of annual sales and advertising data for the Lydia Pinkham company became public knowledge. Lydia Pinkham sold a patent medicine for "women's problems." These data are often used in textbooks to illustrate modeling techniques, as we will do here. More...

Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis for Prediction of Failure Event in a Towing Tank Wavemaker

The MPR model was used to successfully develop a discriminant function to predict conditions that would cause system trips in a computer-controlled wavemaker machine used for nautical model testing. More...

Modeling Chaos with Multivariate Polynomial Regression (MPR)

In the absence of a fundamental understanding of a process one may turn to empirical system identification. A function is selected a priori to relate the outcome of the process to input and state variables, and the parameters of the function found by fitting to experimental data. More...

Modeling of Performance of Retail Store Profitability Using Multivariate Polynomial Regression (MPR)

A company had 54 retail stores that sold industrial supplies and equipment. They wanted to understand what factors controlled the stores' profitability. They had measured thirteen variables that they thought could have an affect on the gross margin (GM). More...