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Customized Predictive Modeling Solutions

Simetrica LLC can develop predictive models using data and subject matter expertise that you provide. If you would rather rely on our model development experience and expertise than to develop your own, we can do this on a consulting basis.

The core of our approach is Multivariate Polynomial Regression (MPR) using Simetrica's TaylorFit Software. However, we do not limit ourselves to that. After examining your data, we may select other modeling tools, such as nonlinear regression or different forms of mechanistic models, whichever is most appropriate.

We will work with you to analyze and understand your data. We will show you graphical examinations of your data that will give you insight into its behavior. When we are done you will have a computer program (often implemented in spreadsheets) that you can use to make predictions.

Contact us to inquire about this service